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Jewelry Care

What is Tarnish
Tarnishing (oxidation) is a result of oxygen, sulfur, or
chlorine coming in contact with sterling silver. All sterling silver
 can and will tarnish if not protected from oxygen and
the chemicals that can harm it. Wearing your new jewelry
often will help guard against tarnishing as the natural oils in your
skin will help protect and clean the silver.
Normal Cleaning
Use a delicate jewelry cleanser or mild soap and a soft bristled brush. Simply place a few drops of soap on the brush and gently clean your piece rinse and pat dry.
Hand polish with a sterling polishing cloth.
Protect Your Jewelry
Always remove your jewelry before
Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs / Working Out / Applying Hairspray
Hair Products / Perfumes / Lotion / Using harsh chemicals
Storing Your Jewelry
Storing your jewelry is as important as protecting it from the chemicals that can cause tarnishing. When you're not wearing your jewelry, store it in an airtight Ziploc bag or sterling keeper jewelry box to protect it from oxygen.
Never leave your jewelry out in humid air, such as a bathroom, as moisture accelerates the tarnishing process.
With a little care and precaution your jewelry will give you years and years of enjoyment!